Atomos Shogun Studio Saves You Time & Resources

The Atomos Shogun Studio 2 takes state of the art Atomos multi-channel recording technology and combines it with two premium 7” HDR 3000nit* high bright touchscreen displays, all in a single 3RU unit. Its unique combination of features makes it perfect for live events, outside broadcast vehicles, production galleries and MCRs, post production facilities, video wall playout, on-set DITs and sports officiating. Connect to practically any SDI or HDMI source including camera channels, PTZ cameras and vision mixers.

"Atomos Shogun Studio 2's seamless integration with your existing workflow accelerates the post-production process, saving time and resources. Elevate your professionalism with Atomos Shogun Studio 2's extensive monitoring tools and access to accurate color representation, critical exposure information to help you make informed decisions on set.

Say goodbye to costly reshoots and missed opportunities due to improper exposure or color balance. The Atomos Shogun Studio 2 ensures you get it right the first time, eliminating the risk of wasting time and resources on avoidable mistakes. Benefit from Shogun Studio 2's dual recording capabilities, providing redundancy and peace of mind. Record simultaneously to two separate drives, so you'll never have to worry about losing footage due to a drive failure.

Safeguard your footage and protect your investment with the Atomos Shogun Studio 2. Act now and elevate your filmmaking with Atomos Shogun Studio 2."



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