Atomos has a ton of specials running currently to help you step up your production workflow.  This includes great deals on the Shinobi, Shogun 7 Producer Kit and the Ninja V.  

Shinobi Price Drop

The Shinobi SDI has recently seen a major price drop.  The 5" field monitor is now priced at $299.  This is a tremendous value for a bright, high resolution, light weight monitor.  

Ninja V Lock Down Special

For a limited time only, the Ninja V 5" monitor and recorder is available for $499.  This is a popular monitor recorder, with a ton of capabilities that can step up any production.  In addition, Atomos is also offering the Ninja V and AtomX SDI Module at $599.

Shogun 7 Field Kit Offer

The Shogun 7 is now being offered with a free field kit at the price of $1,299.  This offer runs through July 31st, 2020. 

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Atomos Ninja V Pro Kit
Atomos Shinobi SDI
Atomos Shogun 7