Atomos Unlocks Raw Workflows for Panasonic EVA1

Sounds like Atomos is gearing up for breaking news at NAB 2018 next week! They just announced a firmware release in tandem with Panasonic that is set transform Raw video capture and recording. shogun inferno sumo19 EVA1From RedSharkNews

With the recent EVA1 firmware release, Atomos announces an upgrade to its Shogun Inferno and Sumo19 products that allow the full potential of the EVA1 to be realised.

Panasonic’s just-announced firmware upgrade allows the EVA1 to output 5.7K Raw video though its 6G SDI port. This will massively increase the flexibility and quality of the output from this popular new camera.

Why 5.7K? It’s in a sweet spot where, after de-bayering (the process that turns the output from the Bayer pattern filtered sensor into full colour) the resulting resolution will be in excess of a true 4K.

The Melbourne, Australia-based company says that actual Raw capture will be possible, and exactly how they will do this will be explained shortly, by which we presume they mean at more

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