AtomosOS 8.4 for Sumo19 & 19M with new dynamic backlight control

Atomos CEO Jeromy Young explains the benefits of the new AtomoOS 8.4 release for Sumo19 & 19M. This free update brings a raft of new features including the new dynamic backlight control with improved blacks, support for Panasonic's Varicam LT Raw output at 240fps in 2K and enhanced audio support for several cameras and a wide range of gaming consoles. Dynamic Backlight Control Delivers improved back level performance by adjusting the backlight with the HDR slider depending on the scene. The maximum black point was 1.2nit, with OS8.4 this is now 0.1nit 240p Pana Raw This update adds more support for amazing slow motion with the Panasonic Varicam LT, enabling 10bit 2Kp240 Raw to ProRes, 4Kp60 Raw to ProRes as well as 2Kp120 10-bit CDNG and 4Kp30 12bit CDNG Raw. HDR Automation End to End Devices that output standard HDR flags such as XBox OneS, XBox X and PS4 Pro can now be detected by by Sumo and inserted into the recorded file so that the correct Gamma/Gamut are automatically selected. Audio Enhancements The Audio engine has also been improved with asynchronous support and analog audio able to be embedded in the loop out signal.

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