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A professional, yet affordable wireless sound system

Q I'm shooting a long-term documentary in Angola with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Since I'm working alone, a boom mic is out of the question. What do you recommend to obtain decent sound from a moving subject? I'm shooting interviews with several people, but my main subject is a doctor, and I need to follow him as he makes house calls to several tribes in different regions of the country. I'm hoping to pick up his conversations with his patients.
Bryce C.
Via email

A I think a wireless microphone system is going to be the solution for your challenge. I'm not a big fan of wireless microphone systems and only use them when I must and there's no other way to capture the audio I need. All wireless systems, regardless of cost, never sound as good or as consistent as a $40 XLR cable. That said, there are obviously some situations where a wireless system is the only way to make a situation work, and your scenario seems to be one of those situations.

Wireless microphone systems tend to fall within three distinct categories. The first is professional, high-end wireless systems like those from Lectrosonics and Zaxcom. While there's some price variance within each company's product lineup, in general, figure about $3,000 and up for a single, high-end wireless system. Since you're shooting with a low-cost DSLR, I'll make the assumption that you may not want to or be able to spend that much money to buy a wireless system. read more...

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