Audio: Hearing... Visually!

Videomaker by Hal Robertson SoundboothWhat if I told you there was a revolutionary new way to visualize your audio recordings? A closely-guarded, secret technique that only the audio elite know and very few people can actually use. This secret technique is a recent discovery by a Swiss scientist who has gone into hiding due to government interference. But today, for only $19.95, I will email the secret to you. With this new visualization technique, you will make better audio edits and learn to manipulate audio in ways you never dreamed possible. But hurry, this offer won't last forever! Audio Truth Okay, the truth is that this visualization technique isn't new or secret or subject to government scrutiny. There are no scientists in hiding -at least none that I know of -and you don't have to send me $20 to find out, but the other stuff is true. This technique is spectrum analysis -or specifically, an audio spectrogram -and your audio editor may already have this feature buried somewhere inside it. read more...

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