Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition

Premiumbeat by Andrew Devis

Getting audio right inside of Premiere Pro is an absolute essential skill for any video editor as the audio of your production represents more than 50% of its viewing value.

If you go to watch a film or documentary and the audio is great but the picture quality is only average, it is likely that you will stay and watch the rest of the film. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing a range of picture qualities through different viewing mediums, Internet, SD, HD, etc.

However, if you go to watch a film or documentary and the picture quality is excellent but the audio is average it is likely that you will struggle with the production and maybe not even stay to watch it through. Because of this we can reason that good audio is worth greater than 50% of your final production.

Thus, it is essential for video editors to take time to learn the various audio tools in Adobe Premiere Pro. If you have Adobe Creative Cloud (the Production Premium Suite or the Master Suite) you should also become familiar with the dedicated audio application Adobe Audition. read more...

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