Audio Tools for Video Editors

Audio Tools for Video Editors by Douglas Dixon (9/2004) Music Maker Audition Sonic Fire Pro
MAGIX Music Maker 2005 Deluxe Adobe Audition ADS Tech Red Rover SmartSound Sonicfire Pro If you are happy with your video editing software, why would you want or need a separate audio editing tool? After all, video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro already provide multi-track audio mixing and editing, with features including subframe editing down to individual samples, clip- and track-based effects, live recording, real-time mixing, and support for multi-channel surround sound. Video editors are designed for working with existing audio clips, mixing and enhancing (also called "sweetening") different elements into your production, such as voice-overs, soundtracks, and sound effects. But if you want to create your own soundtrack clips, or need to restore and enhance individual audio clips, then it's time to turn to a dedicated audio editing tool. Read Doug's complete article at Manifest Technology

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