Audition is the Secret Weapon for Video Editors

Screenlight by Clay Asbury

Adobe Audition is a powerful but approachable audio tool that lets you quickly improve your audio.

In the days of shrinking budgets and expanding responsibilities, being able to do your own basic audio work like reducing noise is a plus.

If you have Adobe Production Premium or the Creative Cloud, you have Adobe Audition. In this article I look at exporting to Audition, approaching audio post, using plugins, and some resources to make the journey easier.

1. Exporting to Audition - 3 ways to get to Audition

a) Edit in Audition as a Clip (Premiere Pro) Right click on a clip and select “Edit in Adobe Audition”. Make your changes in Audition, pop back to Premiere Pro and the file is updated.

b) Edit in Audition as a Sequence (Premiere Pro) Send the complete Sequence to Audition, make your changes and then export a mix back into Premiere Pro. (Multitrack > Export to Premiere Pro). read more...

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