Augmented Reality and Pokémon Pop-Culture Moment

Read about augmented reality success stories in this article posted on Adobe blogs. What will be the next immersive content creation to supersede Pokémon?

Finding Pokémon – Augmented Reality Finally Has its Moment in Pop-Culture History

augmented-realityAs the leaves begin to turn and the days grow shorter, the summer of 2016 will best be remembered for trending topics such as Ryan Lochte’s bad behavior at the Rio Olympics, the Donald and Hillary political circus, Netflix’s Stranger Things and, perhaps most prominently, the millions of people flicking Poké Balls at invisible animals while dodging pedestrians in their cities playing Pokémon GO. The release of the mobile app that blended the real and virtual worlds was a watershed moment for augmented reality. While the technology has been around for several years now, there has never been a singular app or experience using augmented reality that has resonated with the mainstream as much as Pokémon GO...[continue reading]

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