Autodesk Combustion 4

DV mag by Matthew Caldwell Ten-bit support with basic capture and editing features. Rich user interface with advanced paint, color-correction, and keying tools. Combustion 4 Goes head-to-head with After Effects with a complete arsenal of compositing, effects, and paint tools. Extras such as 10-bit support, capture, and time warp features make it a good choice for motion designers and effects artists. When discussing desktop compositing, motion graphics, and effects software, inevitably the conversation turns to Adobe After Effects. For some users, that's where the discussion begins and ends. But let's think differently and take a look at the latest version of Autodesk Combustion 4 Ported from Autodesk's Flame system, Combustion 4's new Diamond Keyer offers a unique and intuitive set of tools for pulling a key. Named for the way the interface plots the softness and tolerance parameters of the hue cube, this keyer is a perfect example of Combustion's graphics-rich interface and a far cry from the slide-only keyers that come with After more...

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