Automated Soundtrack Creation: Make Your Own Kind of Music

Originally published in Camcorder & Computer Video magazine by Douglas Dixon cinescore sfpwith SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4 and Sony Media Software Cinescore Do you need a music soundtrack to add emotional depth to your video productions? Even if you're a musician who could compose, play, and record your own scores, that's still a lot of work. At the other extreme, you can buy stock music, but then it still must be customized to fit your needs, and trimmed to the exact durations of each segment of your production. Or with some musical talent you can use a loop-based mixing tool, but again these take time, and need to be redone as your production is changed and edited. With the development of the SmartSound Sonicfire soundtrack creation tool, which now also has been bundled with a variety of video editing tools, there's a much better answer -- you can audition selections from a music library, adjust the tone and style, and then have a piece assembled for you to fit the exact duration of your project. Basically, the tool assembles together blocks of musical segments to automatically create a finished music piece. Now the musical envelope has been pushed further with the release of the new version of SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4 with "Mood Mapping," and a new competitor in Sony Media Software Cinescore. Both of these soundtrack creation tools now allow you to drill deeper into customizing the score by actually adjusting the mix and mood of the soundtrack elements, providing a whole new level of control over the emotional feel of the piece in sync with the visuals. read more...

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