It’s hard to argue with the ease-of-use and power found in this program By David English 5 Star rated! Summary: Vegas adds some high-end features to the mix, including 3D track motion and compositing effects, keyframeable Bezier masks, network rendering, film-style surround panning, punch-in audio recording and improved audio time-stretching Target Users: Video and audio professionals Platforms: Windows 2000/XP Want to start an argument? Gather a group of video professionals together and insist your favorite non-linear editing system is the best you can buy. Like politics and religion, this is a topic that’s guaranteed to enflame personal loyalties and prejudices. Imagine trying to convince Tom DeLay or Edward Kennedy to switch political parties, and you’ll have an idea of how difficult it can be to dislodge some video producers from their tried-and-true editing systems. Read the review at

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