Avid Acquires Medea

Avid Unveils VideoRAID Family of High-Performance, Low-Cost Storage Solutions videoraid New product line expands company’s leadership in real-time storage systems for professional content creators Tewksbury, Mass. – February 28, 2006 – Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVID) today unveiled the Avid ® VideoRAIDâ„ ¢ family of storage systems that deliver up to 5 terabytes (TB) of high-efficiency storage with guaranteed real-time access for multi-stream, high-bandwidth standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) workflows. Unlike other competitive RAID products that suspend performance in the event of a drive failure, the new Avid VideoRAID line delivers uninterrupted real-time performance, even during a drive rebuild. The new systems – the Avid VideoRAID RTR320 and RTR320X – are the first in a series of low-cost parity RAID storage products that Avid plans to introduce as a result of acquiring Medà ©a Corporation in January of 2006. While terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, the deal further expands Avid’s position as a leading provider of high-performance storage solutions for content creators in film, video, audio, broadcast, and animation. “Avid’s storage products are recognized industry-wide for their guaranteed real-time performance capabilities. With Medà ©a’s low-cost RAID offerings in our portfolio, we now have a tremendously compelling entry point to the Avid family of storage solutions,† said Chas Smith, vice president and general manager of Avid’s Video division. “Avid has an extremely diverse mix of customers, all of whom work within different production environments and have unique storage demands. Now, Avid can meet the needs of virtually any professional in the industry – with cost-effective RAID storage for standalone editing and finishing systems, facility-class Ethernet or Fibre Channel shared-storage systems for networked collaboration, and enterprise-class shared-storage with distributed intelligence and unlimited scalability.† Martin Bock, former president of Medà ©a and recently appointed vice president of business development for the Medà ©a product family at Avid, said, “Our VideoRAID products have had great success in the market because of the unmatched resiliency of our parity RAID technology and the real-time, high-bandwidth performance that enables completion of multi-stream SD and HD projects in record time. When compared to competitive RAID solutions, customers will find that Avid VideoRAID systems deliver superior performance at a lower price per gigabyte.† The Avid VideoRAID product line leverages the combined bandwidth of multiple drives – with capacity of either 250GB or 500GB per drive – in storage arrays that provide real-time access to SD and HD media assets. The VideoRAID RTR320 and RTR320X systems are built around five-drive and 10-drive storage arrays, respectively, with one of every five drives functioning as a parity drive to deliver extremely robust data protection without interrupting performance during drive rebuilds. The line, which comes in a range of configurations at low-cost price points, is qualified on the following Avid editing systems: Avid Liquidâ„ ¢ Chrome HD; Avid Liquid Pro; Avid Xpress ® Pro; Avid Xpress Studio; NewsCutter ® XP (with or without Avid Mojo ®); Media Composer ® Adrenalineâ„ ¢ and Media Composer Adrenaline HD; NewsCutter Adrenaline; Avid DS Nitris ®; and Avid Symphonyâ„ ¢ Nitris. Learn more...

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