Avid, AICE, and the ACA: Collaborating on the Future

Obtaining genuine customer feedback is important for any company. If your customers aren't satisfied then the business is soon to be in peril. Maintaining a relationship with users in a fast growing technological industry is key to not only maintaining those users, but growing the business by getting new customers. Avid has been very proactive in this and has once again reached out to their customer base to see how they're getting on with their products. From software to storage the discussion was held in Chicago with the local AICE (Association of Independent Creative Editors) chapter with the help from the ACA (Avid Customer Association). The ACA have been at the forefront of gathering consumer feedback and so it's no surprise that once again they have reached out to see how their products are doing in professional settings. If Avid keeps improving their products by this method, they should stay at the top of the media landscape in providing professionals with the best products for a long time to come.

The lively and engaging evening of questions and answers was led by John Proctor, Avid Territory Account Manager and Chicago native. With support from Product leadership, John addressed how the ACA Vote is helping to direct the future of Avid’s products (and the industry).

“Events like this give Avid the chance to engage with our users and gain a better understanding of how we can best support the things that matter to them most,” Proctor explained. “I can’t wait to do another roundtable event and continue the conversation.”

The hope is that roundtables like these, with key segments of our customers, will help shape the new features incorporated into future product releases, as well as the annual ACA Vote to the broader user community....[continue reading]

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