Avid at IBC 2013: Video Everywhere


The professional film and video industry is facing unprecedented change—find out what you can do to win.

Our new strategic vision will manifest itself as the most fluid end-to-end distributed media production environment in the industry—a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses every aspect of the new digital media value chain.

Learn how Avid Everywhere will help you connect with audiences in a more powerful, efficient, collaborative, and profitable way.

The media industry is facing a period of unprecedented change.

From the way media is produced and managed to the methods used to protect, optimize, distribute, and analyze content, every part of the value chain is being affected. These changes have created enormous pressures—and opportunities—for media organizations and creative professionals. The market forces behind these challenges can be categorized around three key industry pain points:

  • The accelerated digitization of the media value chain
    Technology has enabled almost every aspect of how we live to become increasingly digitized. It is not surprising that the social desire to connect more directly, efficiently, and powerfully is also impacting the media industry. But the acceleration of this seemingly obvious digitization trend is having a massive impact on the media industry and fundamentally altering the value chain that has been in place for decades. At its simplest, the creative side of the value chain is fusing with the business (or monetization) side, causing the two previously separate components
    to be inexorably linked, and providing the opportunity for a more interactive, powerful, and efficient connection at every step from creation to consumption.
  • This opportunity to connect the idea to create a piece of content for
    the enjoyment of another human, digitally and more directly, is providing new challenges never before faced by the industry. Organizations are under intense pressure to connect and automate their entire creationto-consumption workflow—yet current technology solutions have stubbornly remained highly siloed, and road maps are increasingly
    disconnected from the most urgent industry needs. At the same time, digitization has lowered the barrier to creating content, and therefore increased competition for advertising and audience share. As a result, the need for seamless, integrated workflows is greater than ever. This is not just a matter of business efficiency; there is significant risk that those who do not adapt may not have a long-term role in the media chain.
  • The “consumerization” of content creation and distribution
    Gone are the days when content creators had the ability to dictate when, where, and how consumers enjoyed media. Not only are today’s consumers more sophisticated than ever; they’re empowered to create and consume content anywhere, anytime, through any device and any format. This consumerization has increased the cost and complexity of
    monetizing assets, as multiple formats, distribution channels, and devices have proliferated. Technology has also enabled content customization, tailored delivery models, and created more sophisticated consumer
    analytics. As a result of all these factors, there is now intense competition for share of the consumer’s wallet and viewership. At the same time, it is now possible to understand consumption patterns, profiles, and
    preferences, allowing an increased opportunity to monetize digital assets in ways that previously could only have been imagined.
  • Relentless pressure for operational efficiency
    Across the media industry, unrelenting cost pressures combined with drive for topline revenue growth are making a significant impact on spending priorities. While some IT budgets are growing slightly, strategic investment priorities are reorganizing away from creative solutions and towards solving the challenge of monetizing, protecting, repurposing,
    and optimizing content. Organizations are facing increasing technical and monetization complexity in the creation, protection, and distribution of high-quality, branded media assets—and looking for innovative ways
    to solve these issues. Technology integration, vendor management, and interoperability challenges have made already-limited flexibility, agility, and innovation even more difficult. The need for innovative thinking in the industry is obvious.
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