Avid Chat on Standardizing Digital Content at NAB 2017

Avid's Alan Hoff chats with Lisa Martin, co-host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE during the NAB 2017, to talk about the standardizing digital content creation and Avid Technology.

"...Another big issue in digital content creation and delivery is the fact that there are different technologies and standards within the industry. This can cause various problems at basically any point in the process, so Avid Technology decided to create what it calls the “media central platform,” which is intended to standardize all of those issues and bring them all into one ecosystem.

'Avid saw this a few years ago, and we developed something that we call the media central platform,” Hoff explained. “The goal of that platform was to standardize all the disparate different technologies and bits and standards that were out there into one unified whole to make it easier for individual artists or creative teams, like at post houses or even the largest media enterprises out there, to get more efficient in the way they create their content and distribute their content.'..[read more]"

Watch the video interview from SiliconAngle

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