Avid Customer Association Rewind: Our First Year Accomplishments

Avid Blogs by Jennifer Smith

It?s always exciting to see something new take shape, and in 2014 I had a front row seat to watch the exciting development of the Avid Customer Association.

Meeting Demand

The ACA was formed in response to pent-up demand for structured collaboration and deeper engagement within the Avid community. Avid solutions are used to engineer the most heart-pounding live concerts, edit the most recognized films and TV programs, produce the news shows you?ll watch later tonight, and educate the next generation of aspiring artists.

The ACA goes beyond the online ?tips and techniques? communities that have existed for years and beyond the typical meet-ups and seminars. With the help of leaders from some of the world?s premier media companies and educational institutions, the ACA looks at big picture issues that our industry is facing today and identifies opportunities for the future.

Incredible Growth Coupled with a Bold Agenda

We?ve experienced incredible growth in members in our first year?51% growth to be exact. And we intend to keep up the pace, recruiting thousands from the Avid community to join our movement! While Avid provides resources to facilitate meetings and other day-to-day activities, the ACA is a customer-led organization under the governance of approved bylaws and is led by an independent Executive Board and elected leaders. It is truly an association led by our customers for our customers. read more...

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