Avid DNxIO Gets The Job Done at Warrior Poets

avid-dnxio-NLE-640x250I love it when one of our customers gets written up or interviewed about the work they do with the products we sell. I'm a big fan of Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) and he was a keynote speaker at last years Avid Connect Event. When I first spoke to Adam last summer Warrior Poets where looking to upgrade some of their workstations and we hooked them up with a screaming fast HP z840, G-Tech G-Speed Studio XL thunderbolt storage and whole bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately he didn't get his Avid DNxIO from us, but that's OK, we'll get the next order I hope ;-) In this interview Adam talks about the Avid DNxIO and how they utilize it throughout their workflow. If you have any doubts about the DNxIO, reading this article should put them to rest. It's a fantastic product and Videoguys' still have Avid DNxIO trade-ups available for $2,999! PVC by Terrence Curren


I've been wanting to check out the Artist | DNxIO ever since it was announced. Being able to easily capture and edit footage with Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve is a huge plus, but that’s really just the baseline of the features. I finally got hold of one and will be writing something about my own impressions shortly, but I had the opportunity to talk with someone who’s already been using it in a post-production environment Adam Sonnenfeld has been all over the figurative and literal map in the industry. He edited two feature length independent films before he turned 25, after which he took a hiatus from post production to see how things worked on-set as a camera production assistant. He recently completed work as an assistant editor on One Direction: This Is Us, a documentary for Sony Pictures directed by Morgan Spurlock. Adam continued to work with Morgan as the Lead Assistant Editor on History Channel’s series, Dark Horse Nation before being promoted to Post-Production Supervisor of Warrior Poets, where they’ve been able to test out the DNxIO for the past few months. I wanted to focus on how he’s been using the DNxIO and how it impacted their workflow, but I couldn’t resist asking about the move from the edit bay to the supervisor’s chair, as well as plenty other details about exactly how the box has performed for them. Terence Curren: That’s a good segue to what I really wanted to discuss with you. I’ve just gotten my hands on the DNxIO, but I know you’ve had one at your shop for a few months now. I wanted to hear about some of your experiences with the product. How are you guys using it? Adam Sonnenfeld: We use the DNxIO in every which way that we used to use a Nitris. We gave it to one of our editors for a little while, and then we were in the process of building a DI room, so now we’ve moved it into the DI room to see what it can do there. So we use it between Media Composer and Resolve, primarily. Terence Curren: Are you connected with Thunderbolt or PCIe? Adam Sonnenfeld: We’re using it on a Windows HP Z840 with Thunderbolt. We weren’t having issues with the PCIe when we put the PCIe card in the correct slot, but we also have a Thunderbolt RAID, and that RAID is really nice. read more...

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