Avid - dongle free in 2009 (and other advancements)

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It looks like it’s almost time for another round of updates for Avid and their Media Composer product. In addition to the MC these feature updates also apply to Avid Symphony (to v3.5) and NewsCutter (to v7.5). And it looks like these updates are going to be good ones. It was just last year at NAB 08, an NAB where they didn’t have a presence on the show floor but rather offsite, that Avid introduced what many of use who use Media Composer see as by far the best version of the product: version 3.0. It wasn’t full of flashy new fonts and eye candy and didn’t really add any revolutionary new things to Media Composer. Okay, Avid FX on the Mac was new and the realtime implementations of the timecode burn-in and the subcap tool are very nice but the real advancement in Media Composer 3.0 was speed and stability. I think what Avid delivered last year was an application that just worked. And it made editors more productive. What more could an editor ask for? Turns out, quite a lot … read more...

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