Avid FX (Boris RED) in Avid Media Composer

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Originally I had intended to write about how I consider Avid FX (Boris RED) to be a lower substitute for Adobe After Effects. But as I prepared to write this blog, I decided to give Avid FX another chance and explore it further. After doing so, I've decided to change the direction of my blog and talk more about the advantages of using Avid FX.

For more complex compositions, I still prefer Adobe After Effects, but for those times when my workflow is best served by staying within the Avid Media Composer, Avid FX is a huge addition to my toolset.

If you read my blog entitled "What I Like About Adobe Premiere Pro", you know that I love how Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to have Adobe After Effects comps directly in the timeline.

Well, Avid FX is Avid's version of the Premiere / After Effects integration. All compositing can be done within the Avid timeline. There's no need for exporting and importing. The effects in the Avid FX collection are not real-time and require rendering, just like with Premiere / After Effects. read more...

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