Avid Interview Discusses Installation of Avid NEXIS | PRO with Media Group Macondo

Julie Hoerr Discusses the Installation of Avid NEXIS | PRO and What It Means for Macondo’s Way of Working

From Avidblogs.com Long-time Avid user Macondo installed an Avid NEXIS | PRO media server for its in-house post production facility in the central Germany city of Mainz. The media group works in a number of different communications sectors, including events, corporate communications and public relations, while its television production arm produces documentaries and consumer affairs programmes for several German broadcasters, notably the country’s second TV channel, ZDF, and southwest regional service, SWR. Macondo’s Julie Hoerr discusses the installation of the Avid NEXIS | PRO and what it means for the company’s way of working.
“Macondo is named after the fictional town that features in many of the stories and novels of the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez,” she explains. “It was chosen because our programs tell a story. Macondo’s program-making covers a big area, with work for ZDF, as well as other TV stations, including SWR. We also produce corporate videos for a number of high-profile companies.”
“To support this operation, Macondo has its own post production facility at our headquarters in Mainz, which is also home to ZDF. We work on documentaries, investigative reports and consumer programs that test and discuss new products. These have included the environmental series Planet E and Zoom+ investigation shows for ZDF, as well as reports on a variety of subjects for SWR...[continue reading]

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