Avid Introduces Spark for Accelerated Sports Graphics Production
Avid has released a telestrator, Avid Spark, providing feature-rich capabilities to accelerate and simplify sports graphics production!

Introducing Avid Spark—Accelerated Graphics Production for Sports

By Daliah Naor in Avid Connect, Broadcast, NAB 2016 avid sparkGraphics production for sports just got even better with our new Avid Spark telestrator, a live sports enhancement telestration tool that enables on-air commentators to draw and add graphics to a video in real time, giving audiences better visual insight into key plays, game flow, and analysis. Avid Spark was strategically designed to help sports broadcasters deliver compelling graphics content, streamline production workflows, and ultimately boost fan engagement and ratings. Not to mention, it also offers integrated 4k workflows. Here are a few other key features Spark has in store for its users. Designed for fast operation, Avid Spark provides feature-rich capabilities to accelerate and simplify graphics production. An easy-to-use touchscreen interface eliminates the need for a dedicated operator. Unlike traditional telestrators, Avid Spark allows users to draw graphics in both onscreen and in-field perspectives, ensuring a realistic viewing experience. ...[continue reading on Avid blog].
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