Avid is Leading the Way to Artificial Intelligence in Post-Production

Avid is leading the way to artificial intelligence, with new features included in Avid Media Composer.

The implementation of AI means major promise for the post production world.

What is AI?

"In the Media and Entertainment context, we look at AI as using machine learning to reach out to massive amounts of data and streamlining it so it can become practical to use it in productions. In addition, it is used to relieve humans of repetitive procedures by letting computers supervise automated tasks.”

David Colantuoni, VP of Product Management at Avid

Avid has been one of the first companies to put these concepts to use. The new Media Composer includes features like ScriptSync and Phrasefind. Both features are used to accomplish a task quickly, by putting the pressure on the machine, rather than the editor.


ScriptSync is a feature that editors can use to reference raw footage and automatically position it in a written script- easily organizing a timeline. This means AI is saving users time and helping them better focus on a project.


While ScriptSync groups footage with its place in a script, PhraseFind helps users jump to one specific phrase. By analyzing pronunciations, Phrasefind eliminates the need to sort through footage for one moment, unnecessarily.

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