Avid Liquid 7 is here!!

AL7As you know we’ve been big fans of Liquid Edition, going back to the first time we saw it. (Back when it was made by Fast). So this product has very deep roots in the industry - from Fast, to Pinnacle and now to Avid. I’m very impressed with how fast Avid has been able to not only release a new version, but re-brand the product as Avid Liquid. This tells me that this is just the tip of the iceberg, you’re going to see Liquid get even more powerful and feature rich down the road! There are three big new features in Avid Liquid.
  • The first is SmartSound integration. SmartSound is a very cool soundtrack creation tool that lets you create custom soundtracks that fit your video perfectly!
  • The second hot new feature is the ability to edit multimedia video files (ie WM9, DivX and MPEG-4) for output on the internet. Not having to go back to the original source footage and then encode the entire project again is going to save you tons of time!
  • The third new feature is the one I like the best. Over 60+ new effects. Avid has gone back into the Pinnacle vault and resurrected some of my favorite Commotion effects and integrated them into Liquid. They’ve also made the Liquid Time Warp into a real-time effect!
  • Avid Liquid is a fully integrated application that gives you everything you need to edit and produce your video! Fantastic real-time 2D & 3D special effects and filters, outstanding color correction with your choice of quick and simple or highly sophisticated toolsets, native HDV support for both 720p and 1080i footage, background processing which means you NEVER have to stop editing while you wait for renders, Liquid saves your work automatically for you while your working plus DVD authoring and burning directly form the timeline. You simply can’t find a more powerful, feature rich, stable and productive solution for the money. Avid Liquid is one fantastic value!! Avid Liquid is available in three flavors:
  • Avid Liquid software only for $479.95
  • Avid Liquid Pro $949.95 Includes the “Robert† professional breakout box. This gives you all the I/O you could ever want – including component video – plus real-time output directly from the timeline while you edit.
  • Owners of Pinnacle Studio or Adobe Premiere (any versions) can upgrade to Avid Liquid Pro for just $679.95
  • Owners of Liquid Edition (any versions) can upgrade to Avid Liquid Pro for just $479.95 after $200 Mail-In Rebate
  • We also offer the Liquid Edition (all flavors) to Avid Liquid 7 software upgrade for $199.95. We have a tremendous backlog of these upgrades on order and we are processing them as fast as we can. We hope to have them all shipped out by early next week. For more info and to order Avid Liquid 7 click here

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