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Avid inFocus newsletter Submitted by: Anthony Martorina liquid tips Wanna Start a Fire Recently someone asked me what plug-in they should buy in order to make a fire. I told them to save there money and create it inside of AVID Liquid. Many people do not realize that Commotion Clip FX's exist inside of Liquid. First select the "Lib" tab from your rack area and if you do not see this area you may have to click on the button called "Open Project Browser in Timeline". The "Lib" Tab is where all of your Liquid Effects Reside. Once you click on the "Lib' tab you will see a folder called "Commotion Clip FX" and inside of the folder you will notice "Particles". Select Particles and choose the FX called "Fractal Fire". Drag Fractal Fire over to the clip you want to use it on in the timeline. Right-Click on the filter line and select "Edit" and this will take you into the Editor Tool. Click on the Diamond for Settings. This will open up a bunch of tools for you to create a hot AVID Liquid fire. Choose a Texture for the fire, for example, select a Gasoline Fire and now select the Paint Mode, for example, if you choose Replace it will replace the clip on your timeline and if you choose Over it will place the fire over the clip. Everything in here is key framable so play with the Smokiness, Wind, Direction, etc and start burning up your edits in AVID Liquid. This effect is so hot you will be calling 911. Easily match flesh tones from two different cameras You have two different camera angles of the same person and when you go to edit it you realize that the flesh tones do not match. You can easily correrct this problem inside of AVID Liquid. First make sure the two angles are in the timeline. Now click on "Open Colorcorrection Editor" this will take us into our color correction tool. First, select with the cursor the bad clip and this clip will load into the right side of the Editor. Now Right-Click on the good clip you want to match up and select "Set As Reference Clip". This will load clip on left side of the Editor, if you do not see this clip make sure you have "Reference" button Highlighted. Now click on the "Tone Balance" Tool and this will activate the tool. Move your cursor over the good image and you will notice the cursor has a "T" on it, this stands for Tone. Left click and hold on the good pixel of flesh tone and drag the cursor to the right on to a bad pixel of flesh tone and release the mouse button. Just like that you have quickly matched up your flesh tones from both camera angles and you are back to editing. More tips

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