Avid MC7 Update: Getting your Free upgrade, Actvation Card FAQs & Upgrade Pricing

FREE Upgrade Available Now, direct from Avid, for Media Composer 6.5 Owners who Purchased After April 7th, 2013

If you purchased Media Composer 6.5 after April 7, 2013, and activated the "Download Code" before June 27, 2013, you are entitled to a software upgrade to Avid Media Composer 7, from Avid, at no additional charge.

How the Process Works

  1. You purchased a physical kit for Media Composer 6.5 or Symphony 6.5 (either a new copy or an upgrade from a previous version) after April 7, 2013.

  2. You redeemed the "Download Code" received with your purchase before June 27, 2013.

  3. Now that Media Composer 7 is released and available, an upgrade license (Activation ID) and new installers have been automatically deposited into your Master Avid Account. You simply need to log into your account at http://account.avid.com/ to retrieve their update.

  • If you purchase and register Media Composer 6.5 after 6/27 you will automatically be offered MC7 in your Master Avid Account. This applies to Full versions, Upgrades & Student/ Educational.

    • If a customer needs to use Media Composer 6.5.3 or 6.0.4, they will be able to activate these software versions with the Media Composer 7.0 license.

Avid Media Composer 7 $999.00
Upgrade from Version 6/6.5
Upgrade from Media Composer 6 or 6.5
Upgrade from Older Version
Upgrade from Media Composer 5.5 or older
Upgrade from Avid Xpress
For a limited time only: This is your last chance to Upgrade from Avid Xpress DV or Xpress Pro directly to MC7
while supplies last

Activation Card - Avid Media Composer, the Symphony Option and NewsCutter will continue to be sold with an Activation Card inside a shipping kit and will no longer will ship with DVD’s and an install guide. A physical kit will include an “Activation Card” containing a “Download Code” that will be used to redeem for a System ID ( new products only). Media Composer 7 with the Symphony Option will receive 2 activation codes to redeem – One for the editing app and one for the Symphony Option.

Upgrades will continue to use the customer’s existing System ID and will receive a new Activation ID/serial number(s) depending on what was purchased to activate the product(s).

Note: that serial numbers for the included 3rd party components remain the same under 7/11.

What does a card look like?

How it works:

  • Customers go to www.avid.com/activationcard and click on the product image they have purchased.
  • The customer is then directed to the "Master Account" log in page https://www.avid.com/US/account/orientation where they will enter their "master account" information or create a "new account" if they don’t already have one.
  • If their Master Account login is entered correctly, the customer is then prompted to enter the Download Code located on the back of the Activation Card (located on the back of side of card).
  • The customers account will contain all the entitled software installers, Avid serial number and system ID, 3rd party serial numbers along with a link to the latest ReadMe and Installation documentation.

3rd Party Software - With the introduction of Media Composer 6, Symphony 6 and NewsCutter 10, the 3rd party application components were included with the new product or upgrade. This practice continues with v7/11. The bundled 3rd party products – Avid DVD, Avid FX, Sorenson Squeeze, and Boris Continuum Complete (Symphony customers only) –have not be updated with v7/11. The same versions that come with 6.5 /10.5 will ship with 7/11, therefore customers taking part in the Protection Program will not see additional serial numbers or licenses in their Avid Accounts.

Questions about Avid Symphony 7 (now Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option)

Avid Media Composer 7
with Symphony Option


Upgrade from Version 6/6.5
Upgrade from Avid Symphony 6 or 6.5 to the the new Avid Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option

Upgrade from Older Version
Upgrade from Avid Symphony 5.5 or older to the the new Avid Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option

Upgrade from Avid Xpress
or Media Composer
Upgrade from any version of Avid Xpress Pro, DV or Media Composer to the new MC7 with Symphony Option
$999.00 while supplies last

reg. $1,495.00

Why is the Symphony functionality now an Option for Media Composer?
Avid introduced the Symphony Option to make Symphony‘s unique color correction tools; such as secondary color correction, segment and track based corrections, and Symphony‘s unmatched relational color correction more accessible to Media Composer users.

Since Avid Media Composer 6 and Symphony 6 were introduced it was common knowledge that they were built on the same code and, in fact, were the same software. Symphony added secondary color correction and universal mastering for the pros who needed it. Now, that same capability may be added at any time to any Media Composer 7 system with the Symphony Option.

What upgrade options are there for Avid Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option?

I just purchased Symphony 6.5. Am I eligible to receive an upgrade to Media Composer 7 with the Symphony Option for free?
Yes. If you purchased Symphony 6.5 between April 7th and June 26th 2013, and you redeemed your download code during that same time period, then you are eligible for an upgrade to Media Composer 7 with the Symphony Option. Simply access your Avid Account to download your Media Composer 7 installer and the Activation codes for Media Composer 7 and the Symphony Option.

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