Avid Media Composer 2019 Tutorials

Want to get started fast with brand new version of Avid Media Composer — our video making software? Then this is the place-to-be! From first cut to final delivery, our video tutorial series covers it all. You'll love the new interface, features, power and performance!

Keyboard Shortcuts in Media Composer
The new Media Composer offers you several new features, including new keyboard shortcuts, as well as the old ones. You can really speed up your editing with commands like in & out markers, lift, and overwrite, right at your fingertips.

How to Navigate & Customize the Interface
The new Media Composer offers you several new features, including the new user interface, which lets you dock your windows or let them float, and they automatically snap them into position, so you can work fluidly and intuitively.

Organizing Your Projects in Media Composer
The new Media Composer offers you several new features, including a new user interface, bin mapping, and tools to help you organize your projects, clips and sequences so you can keep up with bigger productions and multiple changes.

Logging Footage in Media Composer
The new Media Composer offers you several new features, including organization tools for logging footage, so you can find the right clips, mark sections of footage, and effortlessly use the perfect takes in your videos.

Assembling Your First Edit
In the new Media Composer, you can more easily set up your projects, bins and sequences to help you assemble your project to get the greatest impact from your scenes, drag and drop clips to the timeline using markers and keyboard shortcuts.

Basic Transitions in Video Editing
The new Media Composer lets you create basic transitions more easily by dragging effects and transitions from the effects library, including dissolves, fades, and dip to color, and editing the transitions with or without rendering.

The Media Composer 3D Warp Tool
The new Media Composer includes a refined 3D Warp tool, which lets you create advanced effects and transitions that include blends, dissolves, fades, and skew, rotate, and even set transparencies for creative effects and transitions.

Exporting the Final Sequence
You can easily export your final sequence in the new Media Composer with numerous exporting options for feature films, online video, or anything in between, with different compression settings, in different aspect ratios, and in high-resolutions.

AAF Export in Media Composer
The new Media Composer lets you export AAF files easily for audio mixing and more easily collaborating on large projects, using mixdown to reduce file sizes, using multiple transcoding formats, and organizing files using folders.

Exporting an IMF Package
IMF is an international standard for file interchange, and the new Media Composer supports IMF files easily so you can work with multiple formats, color settings, compression algorithms, aspect ratios, and resolutions.

A Quick Introduction to Media Composer 2019
The reimagined Media Composer brings you a new, paneled interface to support every type of workflow, for editing, color, effects and audio, floating windows, a new bin navigator, multi-format exporting, and much more.

Importing Media and Setting Options
See how to import media to the new Media Composer, including choosing clips and codecs, selecting import quality, setting options, and opening your media so you can start working on your project.

Adjusting Your Import Settings
This video shows you how to adjust your Import Settings in the new Media Composer, to allow you to easily bring in graphics and still images, including bins and folders as well as media parameters.

Using the Source Browser
In the new Media Composer you can use the source browser to look at the media on any drive in your network, and view clips in list or thumbnail view, scrub footage to help select your clips, choose your import settings, and start editing your project.

Account Activation for Media Composer
Learn how to activate your new Media Composer installation, using your Download Code in your Avid Master Account, where you can also see and manage all your Avid products.

Downloading & Installing with Avid Link
You can download and install the new Media Composer through Avid Link, and access it through the taskbar to get news about your products, the status of your activations, communicate with fellow artists, and learn about updates.

How to Access Support & Avid Community

You can access support for the new Media Composer, through the knowledgebase, where several common questions are answered in-depth, and you can also access the Avid Community to get answers to your customer support questions and cases.

The Inspector in Media Composer
The new Media Composer includes the Inspector tool, which lets you easily see clip and sequence metadata, so you can arrange your projects and bins, and know quickly about your clip attributes.

The New User Experience & Interface
The new Media Composer now opens with your bins visible in the top left, and the settings list in your File menu, making it easier to see your user, project and site settings, as well as format information, the usage tab, and other configurations.

The Bin Container in Media Composer
The new Media Composer includes Bin Containers that can host several bins, and organize those bins without having several windows open, and customize bins with background colors, sizes, and arrangements.

The Updated Timeline in Media Composer

The new Media Composer includes an updated Timeline, with a more intuitive design, a modern look and feel, so you can work with your projects more easily, with extract and lift, as well as settings to overwrite or extract, and trim mode selections.

Edit, Color, Effects & Audio Workspaces
The new Workspace Toolbar on the right side of the new Media Composer interface lets you select workspaces for editing, coloring, effects, and audio layouts, to more easily match your video editing workflows.

32-Bit Floating Point Pipeline
In the new Media Composer, you can import, render, transcode and render uncompressed video up to the 32-bit float for full processing support, letting you edit with the maximum quality available.

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