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Avid Media Composer has been the industry-standard in nonlinear editing for television and film for over a quarter-century. With their latest version of the Media Composer family and lowered price, Avid appeals to a broader market.
Anyone who has watched network television, or been to a major motion picture, has seen the results of Avid Media Composer. Whether you’re an Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or even Vegas Pro user … Avid’s top tier dominance is undeniable. As the first of the real mainstream nonlinear editing solutions, Avid set the paradigm for all others to follow. The latest price point ($1,000) brings Media Composer within reach of video producers from wedding videographers to major motion picture studios, and no subscription is required.

What is Avid Media Composer … really?
Unlike packages such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro; Media Composer is meant as an editing package for standard broadcast and film formats. This means video producers cannot edit in non-broadcast resolutions. This is a major complaint among multimedia professionals (who sometimes edit in strange resolutions for things such as banner ads or cut scenes for mobile apps, matrix displays, etc.).

The Pros
Media Composer 7 brings forth the next phase in the Avid Media Access (AMA) workflow. AMA is Avid’s answer to the ability of other packages to read media in their native formats. Other packages allow video producers to import the footage and read the root files while editing. Then, in order to view the video in real-time, you often need to render the clips in your timeline. Traditionally, Avid editors have assistant editors that transcode the footage upon ingest. (This can save studios considerable dollars, as AEs have a lower pay rate per hour than editors.) This generation of AMA not only allows editors to reference clips in their original format, but also transcode in the background. Avid has also introduced a memory-resident transcoder that will enable queued transcoding to happen with Media Composer closed. The theory is that this will allow one person to do everything seamlessly. read more...

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