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Extend Realtime Production Everywhere with the New
Avid Media Composer 7 - Now shipping at Videoguys.com

Upgrades available starting at just $299 Videoguys.com
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Avid Media Composer has long been the most trusted tool of professional editors. Media Composer 7 opens your possibilities even further, simplifying and accelerating file-based workflows and extending real-time production everywhere so you can focus on telling the best story possible. From new high-res workflows and AMA media management, to automated media operations and global collaboration, experience the industry’s preeminent NLE, now at the most affordable prices ever.

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Avid Media Composer 7 $999.00
Upgrade from Version 6.5
Upgrade from Media Composer 6.5
Upgrade from Older Version
Upgrade from Media Composer 6 or older
Upgrade from Avid Xpress
For a limited time only: This is your last chance to Upgrade from Avid Xpress DV or Xpress Pro directly to MC7
while supplies last

FREE Upgrade Available Now, direct from Avid, for Media Composer 6.5 Owners who Purchased After April 7th, 2013

If you purchased Media Composer 6.5 after April 7, 2013, and activated the "Download Code" before June 27, 2013, you are entitled to a software upgrade to Avid Media Composer 7, from Avid, at no additional charge.

How the Process Works

  1. You purchased a physical kit for Media Composer 6.5 or Symphony 6.5 (either a new copy or an upgrade from a previous version) after April 7, 2013.

  2. You redeemed the "Download Code" received with your purchase before June 27, 2013.

  3. Now that Media Composer 7 is released and available, an upgrade license (Activation ID) and new installers have been automatically deposited into your Master Avid Account. You simply need to log into your account at http://account.avid.com/ to retrieve their update.

  • If you purchase and register Media Composer 6.5 after 6/27 you will automatically be offered MC7 in your Master Avid Account. This applies to Full versions, Upgrades & Student/ Educational.

    • If a customer needs to use Media Composer 6.5.3 or 6.0.4, they will be able to activate these software versions with the Media Composer 7.0 license.

4. Upgrading your Dongle - Customers that still use a dongle will trade-in or redeem their new 7/11 Activation ID/serial # at the following link. http://www.avid.com/US/support/upgrade/video

How to update a dongle: Customers will enter their system ID, Dongle serial # ( both can be found on the dongle tag) and new activation ID along with their name and email from the original registration and if all is legit the site will generate a updater.avd file. Instructions along with the dongle manager utility for Mac and Win is still located at www.avid.com/dongle

Accelerate HD delivery from high-res sources

With the new FrameFlex tool and LUT support, you can acquire 2K, 4K, and 5K media and deliver the HD programming required today, eliminating time-consuming transcodes and resizing.

  • FrameFlex - Pan and Scan tools that extract a user-definable and keyframeable HD raster from Hi-Res source media
  • 1D/3D LUT’s and Color Decision Lists. Convert color spaces from various camera formats and image types into Rec. 709 HD.

Media Composer features some big changes with high-resolution media, yet it’s still not resolution independent.

As creative professionals, Avid's customers are expected to deliver high-quality content that inspires viewers all over the world. So that they can work with the best image quality possible, many of these projects are using high-resolution acquired source material. In speaking regularly with their customers it became clear to Avid that their most pressing need was a fast and proficient method for extracting the HD masters they are required to deliver today-- including for high-res based projects. This also allows them to avoid a resolution independent pipeline that would tax performance and increase external monitoring costs. Media Composer 7‘s new FrameFlex™ and color space conversion tools give customers complete creative control over this process, using the editing tools they‘ve come to love and trust.

Maximize creativity time with acceleration through automation

With new Dynamic Media Folders, copying, consolidating, and transcoding tasks can be automated in the background, so you can keep editing without the wait. What’s more, Avid media management now looks after all of your AMA-linked files too.

  • Dynamic Media Folders. User specified folders that can be automated to perform non-creative tasks such as transcoding and copying media.
  • Managed AMA Media. Source media that is liked directly to Media Composer via AMA now benefits from the full complement of media management tools that native Avid media does
  • Background Consolidate/Transcode. Time consuming consolidation and transcode operations can now be processed in the background without interrupting the creative editorial process

Make your picture sound as good as it looks

Take control of the overall program volume and insert plug-ins to adjust the tone with the new Master Audio Fader. And with Clip Gain, you can adjust gain on a specific clip, independent of track-based automation.

  • Master Audio Fader. A master fader position in the mixer that will allow for the leveling of all audio tracks at once, as well as the addition of RTAS plug-ins (such as a compressor) to the entire audio mix
  • Cached Audio Waveforms. Rendered waveforms for audio clips are now preserved in the bin for faster display in the timeline
  • Direct Audio Clip Gain. Modify the gain of clips already in the sequence directly from the timeline without having to open any additional audio tools (e.g. Audio Mixer)

The new Media Composer 7 features even more audio functionality.

Tools such as clip-based gain, multi-channel audio and the master audio fader to Media Composer were added to help streamline the workflow between picture editorial and sound mixing--the two core components of nearly every post process. The audio features added to Media Composer translate directly to similar tools and features found in Pro Tools. Professional content creators recognize that real performance increases and cost savings come from seamless transitions between the stages of post production. Being able to begin audio mixing without having to redo any of the audio work done in picture editorial is a great benefit and can be the deciding factor when it comes to delivering high-quality projects on time.

Extend real-time production with Symphony Option and/or Interplay

Symphony Option. Advanced color correction tools for secondary color correction of images as well as relational color correction, formerly only available in Avid Symphony

Media Composer 7 Interplay Edition provides connectivity with Avid Interplay and Interplay Sphere, so you can edit, sync, and share projects and media with anyone around the world over the Internet.

To check out all the new features in Media Composer 7 visit our Avid Media Composer FAQ.

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In addition to its new low price, Avid Media Composer now has a much lower overall total cost of ownership. You do not require an expensive HP/Dell workstation or Mac Pro to edit video with Media Composer. Find out what you do need...

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Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option
Expand Your Production Capabilities with
Advanced Color Correction & more

Avid Symphony Color Correction option lets editors add advanced color correction tools previously found only in Avid Symphony. This option is a $1,499 add-on to Media Composer 7 but Avid editors may take advantage of our Symphony 6.5 Upgrade today at just $999 and get a free upgrade to Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option

Media Composer with the Symphony Option includes the same feature set as previous
versions of the Symphony stand-alone software. By adding the Symphony Option to your Media Composer v7 software, you enable Universal Mastering, the full Symphony Color Correction feature set, which includes secondary color correction and Boris Continuum Complete v8.x

Avid Media Composer 7
with Symphony Option


Upgrade from Version 6.5
Upgrade from Avid Symphony 6.5 to the the new Avid Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option

Upgrade from Older Version
Upgrade from Avid Symphony 6 or older to the the new Avid Media Composer 7 with Symphony Option

Upgrade from Avid Xpress
or Media Composer
Upgrade from any version of Avid Xpress Pro, DV or Media Composer to the new MC7 with Symphony Option
$999.00 while supplies last

reg. $1,495.00
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