Avid Media Composer Monthly Video Tutorials for Avid Editors of all Levels

Media Composer Video Tutorials

Avid Media Composer Video Tutorials

Are you new to the world of Avid Media Composer? Are you a seasoned veteran looking to brush up on a few new techniques? Check out Kevin McAuliffe's Media Composer Video Tutorials! Brought to you by Videoguys.com

Upgrade your Avid Media Composer with an Annual Support PlanMedia Composer Software $285.00 while supplies last
Media Composer with Symphony Upgrade your Avid Symphony with an Annual Support Plan $285.00 while supplies last

Getting Started with Media Composer Subscription


Media Composer 101 - Advanced Lessons

Click here to subscribe to Kevin McAuliffe's Media Composer 101 YouTube channel with new tutorial each week. Proudly sponsored by Videoguys.com

Are you ready to become an Avid Editor? Now there's 3 different Licensing Options to choose from - all available at Videoguys.com!

Avid Media Composer Software

Avid Media Composer | Software Subscription License for 1 Year

When you subscribe to Avid Media Composer | Software you get annual access to Media Composer with the Symphony Option, free upgrades and updates and a lot more.


Perpetual License

Avid Media Composer | Software Perpetual License with 1 year Support

Avid Media Composer | Software Perpetual License now includes a 1-year support plan that entitles you to free updates and upgrades during that period and with this license you own the software even if you do not continue to renew the support.


Media Composer Floating License Avid Media Composer | Software Floating License

For large-scale media enterprise, post-production houses, and educational institutions, Avid now offers floating licensing, enabling you to purchase “packs” of shared licenses to deploy across your entire facility using a single system ID. This enables multiple editors to use Media Composer® simultaneously on any number of workstations when licenses are available (not actively in use).

Starting at $33,999.00

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