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We've been getting lots of questions from X Pro owners on why they should upgrade for $495. This is from our new Avid page on our website http://www.videoguys.com/avid.html Avid MCSOFT Media Composer is more then just the world’s best video editor, it is an integrated post production solution! Here are some of our favorite integrated plug-ins and feature included with Media Composer: - FluidFilmâ„ ¢ and FluidMotionâ„ ¢ - Create incredibly smooth slow-motion effects and “fit-to-fill" video using patented FluidMotion pixel morphing technology while you control speed and position using intuitive curve-based keyframing. - 8-point Motion Tracker system for advanced tracking operations including offset tracks, applicable to most real-time and non-real-time effect operators - Patented SteadyGlideâ„ ¢ technology to remove image shakiness while preserving desirable camera motion like pans and tilts. - Real-time 16-bit SpectraMatteâ„ ¢ keying featuring SpectraGraphâ„ ¢ Viewer Chroma keying is a fundamental element in compositing and everybody needs it. - AniMatteâ„ ¢ toolset for fast matte key creation within the editor - Scratch Removal – remove unwanted imperfections in your footage - Fully customizable TimeWarp effects - Multicamera Editing with Multigroup capability for grouping multiple “banks" of camera angles. Multicam is available at any Avid resolution from single field to uncompressed. - ScriptSyncâ„ ¢ for incredibly fast matching of source clips to a text script or transcript. - Blend Effects including Real-time 3D warp with 23 customizable parameters and Blur effect for deep defocus of images and keys with alphas When you order Media Composer (full version $2495 or Upgrade $495) you also get these fantastic 3rd party software titles to make your post production workflow even stronger! Academic version ($295) does not include 3rd party software. 1) Boris Continuum Complete AVX – A powerful add-on package with more than 160 filters, including: Lens Flare, Glint, Match Grain, DeInterlace, Optical Flow, Motion Blur, Wire Remover, and Witness Protection effects. 2) SmartSound Sonic Fire Pro 4 with Mood Mapping. Create rich, multi-layered royalty free soundtracks for your productions. You also get 2 Strata Series Multi-track Libraries Core Foundations and Core Sessions. 3) Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite 4.5 with Sorenson Video 3 Pro, Sorenson Spark Pro, Sorenson MPEG-4 Pro & Sorenson AVC Pro. Easily encode your videos into multiple formats while maintaining the highest possible video quality. 4) Sonic DVDit6 authoring software. Create standard definition DVDs with motion menus and interactive navigation. DVDit6 is Windows only. VIDEOGUYS' TECH NOTE: Avid Media Composer is currently compatible with Windows XP Professional and Mac OSX (Tiger). We strongly recommend a Quadro FX graphics card FX1400/1500/1700 or higher. Windows Vista and Mac OSX Leopard are not supported but are in development. Click here for more Videoguys' System Recommendations. http://www.videoguys.com/system.htm Gary

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