Avid Media Composer Survival Guide Video Series Master List

What a FANTASTIC tech support page. Kudos to the Avid support team. These videos are quick and easy to follow. They make activating Media Composer and/or  updating your dongle so much easier, and the basic troubleshooting videos are a great place to start if you are running into any issues with your new software.   Bookmark the main page here http://tinyurl.com/ndrsk4y

Professional Services and Customer Success proudly present a series of videos containing Basic Level Operation, Quick tips, Basic troubleshooting and much more! Please subscribe to this article so that you can stay up do date with the latest videos.

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The Pro Editor Survival Guide Video Series is a new series of videos that contain Basic Level Operation,Troubleshooting 101,
Quick tips, and much more covering Avid's entire product line from Editor to Shared Storage, Interplay and Newsroom to 
Professional Audio. 

Professional Services and Customer Success have come together to bring you the most useful content that will not only show you
some things you might not already know, but it will also better prepare you in the event you might need to start a web case or call support. 

Knowing exactly what logs to gather, what basic troubleshooting steps to perform first, and how to be better prepared before calling support will help us come to a resolution quicker and easier!

We are excited to be bringing you this great resource that will continue to grow! 


The Survival Guide Video Team
*Red items are coming soon. Underlined items are now live. 

Avid Editor Products Licensing 

Avid Editor Products Basic operation and Troubleshooting

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