Avid MediaCentral Enables Content Creation Through Connectivity

Here's an article from Avid that will familiarize you with the benefits of MediaCentral. If you are an Avid studio and are looking for reasons to use this comprehensive media management tool, take a look at the full article. They're calling it a modular ecosystem for managing your post production workflow...Wow! From Avid's blog

...Flexibility and scalability enable MediaCentral to be configured specifically for your needs. Integrating both Avid and third-party solutions, the MediaCentral platform brings together disparate technologies into a seamless workflow, accessible through a single user interface, with multiple game-changers for your production process:

  • Deploy modules for Newsroom, Editorial, Production and Asset
  • Management at the scale you need
  • Access media, ingest clips, edit video and publish content from anywhere, to multiple platforms, in real time
  • Navigate an easy-to-use, task-oriented user interface on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device
  • Future-proof media production with a platform ready for 4K/UHD resolutions and cloud-enabled workflows
  • Boost your efficiency with a new search engine and apps that speed up media browsing and searching

As the MediaCentral platform evolves, so do its capabilities and features. In our latest release MediaCentral 2018.6, Avid is delivering important new enhancements across the full array of workflow modules, apps, and services....read more

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