Avid MediaCentral for Post Accelerates Your 4K Workflow

With the growth of streaming video services, traditional broadcast companies are looking for content to keep up. Most of those companies have started up their own on-demand app or service to compete and in most cases produce shows just for that service. With this revolution in media, problems naturally arise. Now that there is more content being sold, content creators are creating more content to sell and that amount of content is growing even for the smallest companies. Years ago when there weren't so many options for creators the content was controlled and maintained much easier. Since that is no longer the case Avid has created MediaCentral | Editorial Management to help these content creators maintain numerous projects anytime they want. A growth from Avid's MediaCentral faction, the Editorial Management system allows companies to not only maintain projects, but allows editors and other members of the content creation team to go into other projects and work with those projects as well. A fully collaborative integration where Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro and work within. Avid's MediaCentral | Editorial Management is just another advancement from Avid that will help workflows for present and future content creators.

It’s no exaggeration, although it might be a little clichéd, to say that we are currently enjoying a golden age of TV. Or, to be more precise, a golden age of content, with the advent of mobile devices creating more viewing options. Conventional broadcasters are upping their game to compete with new-kids-on-the-block Netflix, Google and Amazon, who in turn are investing heavily in original series production. Who knew? Despite fears about how the online interlopers might disturb the broadcast equilibrium, it appears that the entertainment industry isn’t a zero sum game.

Avid has all the necessary components for 4K/UHD post-production in Media Composer, Avid Artist | DNxIQ and new sibling DNxIV, Avid NEXIS shared storage and the all-new MediaCentral platform, announced at IBC 2017. Collectively, these components are packaged as MediaCentral for Post. But what promises to be a real game-changer for Avid’s traditional post production customer base is a brand new element of the MediaCentral eco-system – MediaCentral | Editorial Management.

MediaCentral | Editorial Management is a MediaCentral module designed specifically for the needs of smaller teams, yet is extensible enough to grow and expand as your business grows. It brings a new layer of file management, as well as extended collaborative capabilities, to both Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro® workflows. And it’s very easy to scale; as your teams and needs grow your workflow can easily expand with additional power and functionality....[continue reading]

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