Avid MediaCentral update brings Editorial Management to facilities

The following article goes over key features and future plans for Avid's new MediaCentral media management platform. Wondering if MediaCentral is right for your studio? Take a look at this article, it'll give you some perspective. The scope of MediaCentral is intended to serve facilities both large and small! From Jigsaw24.com

MediaCentral Advanced SearchOur next-generation MediaCentral production suite gives creative teams across news, sports, post production and live production the power to create and deliver more content to all their media outlets in less time than ever before,” said Dana Ruzicka, Chief Product Officer, Avid. “MediaCentral’s total deployment flexibility accommodates the unique ways that our customers want to set up and manage their operations and easily supports how their teams do their work. The platform positions content creators for increased creativity, productivity, and agility as they evolve to take command of their next opportunity.”

MediaCentral | Editorial Management

While there have been a number of updates, we're most excited by the arrival of MediaCentral | Editorial Management, a browser-based asset management system designed to make the organisation, viewing and addition of metadata to your media easier, without relying on an NLE, which we've been looking forward to since IBC.

Avid say: "For smaller post production and broadcast teams, this affordable media management solution enables unmatched collaborative power, with folder, project, bin, metadata, and media sharing capabilities from any web browser."

While it's not a complete asset management solution, Editorial Management is designed to make sure some organisation is possible at any fledgling facility, no matter how remote, temporary or understaffed it is....read more

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