Avid NEXIS 2020 Collaborative Storage Unveiled for Today’s Demanding Media Workflows

Avid recently unveiled some great new collaborative storage solutions with the NEXIS for today's demanding workflow!

We're going to highlight some of the finer points from Avid's press release on NEXIS 2020, below. 

NEXIS 2020 was created to provide media organizations, broadcasters and post production facilities achieve unsurpassed reliability.  This is a purpose built solution for teams of all sizes- large and small.  NEXIS 2020 can keep your team working from anywhere and have them stay ahead of demand.  NEXIS 2020 provides up to 40 percent more shared storage in one footprint. 

 “Avid NEXIS 2020 introduces deployment flexibility and openness that enables media creators to work from anywhere to produce high-quality content during these uncertain times with total confidence their business is backed by the most reliable, open and cost-effective media storage available today,” said Dana Ruzicka, Chief Product Officer, Avid. “Avid NEXIS 2020 is a leap forward in helping to solve today’s rapidly evolving workflow requirements. With easily scalable resources on-premises, in the cloud or both, businesses can better deal with today’s demanding content creation needs including larger, more sophisticated projects—while always ensuring teams have seamless access to all the storage they need wherever they may need it.”


Avid NEXIS 2020 debuts with with larger capacity drives, and new 140 TB and 160 TB media packs to give higher density storage at a low cost. 

Check out the full press release HERE.

Learn more about Avid HERE.

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