Avid NEXIS enables teams to share media for real-time editorial collaboration

Man using Avid Media Composer

IPC (Intellectual Property Corporation) is adding Avid to their production hub! In NYC, their goal is to communicate with their production crews remotely. They work across the country so this makes sense.

"Up until this point, our editors worked 98 percent of the time on-site in Los Angeles and Atlanta... The ability to treat somebody who works 3,000 miles away as though they're just down the hall is very appealing. We're getting into that with Avid. It will be a huge advantage to be able to work wherever we find talented editors, filmmakers, and story producers."

Eric Towler, IPC's Vice President of Post Production

Producing for networks, cable companies, Netflix, you name it. IPC has worked with them.

The concept of being able to utilize shared storage virtually anywhere we find a talented editor who needs to work from wherever they are located is very exciting. We know we’re going in a great direction and Avid is a huge, huge part of the confidence we have in these decisions.

Eric Towler, IPC's Vice President of Post Production

Overseeing the post production of 42 shows must be challenging. Therefore keeping up with their mission of telling stories with integrity only adds to this.

Remote Collaboration

IPC's office in NYC is 14,000 square feet. Yet over half of this is for their post production team. And they only plan on growing, finding many talented filmmakers across the country who want to make the kind of stories IPC want to tell.

Using Avid procucts
IPC Employee using Avid Products

Six weeks was all the time they had to make their new production facility. Avid is who they turned to!

They have 20 Media Composer Ultimate editing workstations and eve an Avid NEXIS E4 software (a storage system). Both of these let IPC share with anyone anywhere.

Avid NEXIS is the preferred storage solution for collaborative workflows. Industrial Media needs storage that supports both Avid and Adobe. Avid NEXIS enables them to keep all media in the same ecosystem, provides fast access, and expands to meet future requirements.

Dominick Tarabocchia - T2 Computing.

Avid's prided themselves on reliability and scalability. Therefore going to them seems to make the most sense. IPC has to share their work with almost countless different kinds of people.

In our world of shared projects, the way editorial can communicate together on projects with Avid compared to other editing tools, is night and day. There's no comparison.

Spencer Wolf - IPC's Director of Post Production

IPC really didn't need to look far. Expanding both their Atlanta and NYC, they didn't even really need to look for other options. Sharing storage or editorial platforms was always going to be Avid. They had worked with Avid most of their career, so sticking with them only makes sense.

Working with someone 3,000 miles away is no longer a handicap!

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