Avid NEXIS | Pro 40TB Selected Videoguys Top Products of 2017 Video

I really love the NEXIS | PRO intelligent shared storage technology. With NEXIS | PRO you get an easy to use configuration tool that allows you complete control over your users, projects and media. You can quickly change settings without having to completely re-configure your storage like other shared storage solutions. Obviously NEXIS | PRO is optimized for Avid collaborative video editing environments, but it also works great with Adobe and FCPS environments and projects. There is no other shared solution that can deliver all of the Avid Media Composer workflows like bin locking, self-balancing file system, intelligent distribution of media across drives, and selectable failure protection with support for other NLEs. If your team uses Avid or a mixed NLE workflow with attached storage, NEXIS | PRO is the best possible shared storage solution for you to migrate to.

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A single NEXIS | PRO 40TB engine ($8,999) delivers an incredible 600 MB/sec of bandwidth, and you can connect up to 4 of them to scale not only your storage up to 160TB, but the throughput to 2.4GB/sec! With the introduction of the NEXIS | PRO 40TB engine we can now offer you a bundle that includes the NEXIS | PRO 40TB and Dell 2024 network switch for under $10,000!! You connect the NEXIS | PRO to the Dell switch via 10GigE and then up to 20 NLE workstations via GigE. If you need more speed you can use dual GigE network cards in your workstations, or upgrade to a 10GigE switch and 10GigE network cards (or Thunderbolt to 10GigE devices) for the fastest possible connectivity. The choice is yours!

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