AVID NEXIS | PRO Delivers Post-Production Workflow Efficiencies

Avid NEXIS ProFind out how a busy post-production studio takes on more jobs because they make the most out of their workflow with Avid NEXIS | PRO.
The Edit attract clients from all over, and they’ve been involved with some great TV series over the years such as Born To Be Different, Food Unwrapped and Cowboy Builders. The amount of work that was coming in forced Austin to ask that question around the most inefficient part of his workflow, and it didn’t take him long to find the answer. “As we grew, we realized we were moving around huge amounts of data on drives and wasting a lot of time,” Austin said. “We realized shared storage was an absolute need not a luxury! I think we would be really stuck if we had to go back to the old ways.”

It’s actually kind of amazing to think about how many productions are relying on those “old ways”, which usually means throwing media onto a drive and physically delivering their assets to another part of the facility, the city or even the world. The budget on a project is negatively impacted every moment that drive in in transit, not to mention the security and data corruption risks that the media is exposed to in that process.

What does it mean for members of a team to know they can find, share, and protect the files and media for a project any time they need to? What kind of benefits does proven, real-time collaboration for everyone create for an entire project? Those were questions Austin needed to have answered, and after looking at a few alternatives, he found his answer with the Avid NEXIS | PRO....[continue reading on ProVideoCoalition]

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