Introducing Avid NEXIS | PRO Post Production Bundles

Introducing Avid NEXIS | PRO Post Production Bundles

Everything you need to get your small workgroup or facility up and editing on Nexis Pro shared storage

Avid_NEXIS_PRO_videoguysAt NAB this year Avid introduced an all new, revamped line up of shared storage called Avid NEXIS. The next generation of Avid intelligent shared storage. Gone was the old ISIS brand name (thank goodness - took them long enough), but please don't think this was just a simple name change. Avid NEXIS storage is truly an evolutionary next step for Avid. The most interesting part about this evolution is that it grew out of the existing ISIS 1000 hardware and firmware base, while adhering to Avid's commitment to providing the very best, most reliable, most powerful and 100% optimized shared storage solution for content creators. Avid NEXIS is the new gold standard by which all other shared storage solutions will be judged and the Nexis Pro delivers an entry level solution for those workgroups, organizations and/or facilities looking to migrate from several editors working independently on their own computers with attached storage to a team of editors working together, COLLABORATING and SHARING media and projects. As you can already tell, we are very excited about Avid NEXIS | PRO. Avid has taken their storage technology to the next level by increasing performance, providing unmatched flexibility and delivering it at their lowest cost per terabyte ever! Nexis Pro allows you to change not only each users assigned storage allotment, but what level of RAID protection they will be given. At just $13,995 for 20TB Avid NEXIS | PRO makes shared storage more affordable than ever! With the introduction of these new Avid Production bundles you can get everything you need to quickly, easily and affordably become a shared storage facility / workgroup.
First let's take a look at all the products that Avid is including in this amazing Production $19,995 bundle:
  • The Avid NEXIS | PRO attaches to the Dell switch via 10GigE, you then connect up to a dozen machines via GigE to the Dell switch, most likely using Ethernet cabling that already exists in your facility. Or you can run new Cab5+/6 cables directly from each machine to the switch. That choice is all yours.
  • The Avid DNxIO is for all your ingest and playout needs. Everything from HD up to 4K. Even with today's file based workflows their comes a time when you are going to need to either capture footage that isn't file based, for you productions. DNxIO can also be used to drive SDI or HDMI monitors for previews in full resolution directly from the timeline.
  • The new seat of ProTools is a great tool for video editors to have access to. Your video is only as good as the audio that supports it. With ProTools you'll give your team access to the same tool used by the Hollywood studios to create the soundtracks for their movies.
  • The five new perpetual seats of Media Composer make this a complete solution. If you already have multiple seats of Media Composer we can exchange the perpetual seats for additional years of support.
If you are an Adobe or FCPX shop that does not use Media Composer this is still a fantastic solution for you. Nexis Pro supports all the leading NLEs including Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, Grass Valley Edius and more. You don't have to ever use Media Composer to take full advantage of all the great shared storage features and workflows.

If you are a professional shop, having seats of Media Composer and giving your editors the opportunity to work with it isn't a bad thing. They just may find they like it better, or they may not. Let it be their choice. We find that when given the choice of multiple NLEs. most editors will have a favorite, but they will also have certain productions that they know having access to and using a different NLE is the right choice for that particular job. NLE's are just the tools we use for the job. Avid NEXIS | PRO intelligent shared storage means that you use the tools you want, when you want, while collaborating ad working together with your fellow editors and content creators. Shared workflows increase everyone's productivity and unleashes their creativity.

If you are a school the educational version of this bundle is a STEAL! You get all the same hardware with the Academic versions of the software for just $15,995! You can add an Academic floating license for 20 more seats for just $1,980 more.

PostProductionBundle2Avid NEXIS | PRO Post Production Bundles with HP Z Workstations & Laptops

Videoguys has worked together with Avid, HP and HP Finance to make available lease financing for any Avid Production bundle with the purchase of at least one HP Z workstation or zBook!

That's right, we can even get you a great deal on the computers as well. Our Videoguys Tech Select HP Z Workstations and zBooks are optimized configurations for editing with Avid Media Composer and/or Adobe Premiere Pro.

We can set you up with a single workstation on up to 20 or more combined Z workstations and zBooks. Just give us a call and we'll put together a quote for you to take back to your team for review and approval. Once you've gotten everything spec'd out the way you want it, we will work with your finance team and HP Finance on creative leasing options that will allow you to more easily pay for all this amazing technology!

If you are a college, university or public school system Videoguys can put together a quote for you that you can bring to your purchasing department approval. We can break the big quote into multiple smaller quotes if that works better for you. Then all we need is to get your purchase order to our finance team for net 30 days approval. Once you are approved for net 30 day terms we will process your order and have HP begin building your new computers. It's really that easy!

Want to learn more about the Avid NEXIS | Pro? Check out this video introduction from professional editor, Steve Hullfish:


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