Avid NEXIS | Pro Streamlines Quadrilingual Productions

This user story from Avid illustrates how effective Avid NEXIS | Pro can streamline and improve workflow as a shared storage solution within a complex studio setup.

With Avid NEXIS | PRO, Swiss Tvision Always Has an Ace up Its Sleeve

From AvidBlogs avid-nexis-pro-tvisionTvision AG from Basel, a production studio with seven full-time employees and additional freelancers, realizes about 500 projects each year, ranging from short news clips up to complete documentaries. The industry demands in terms of efficiency and production time are high and continuously rising. This not only affects competition in the market, but also customers’ expectations. In order to be able to create content even faster, more productive and in a safer way, Tvision has implemented the intelligent storage solution Avid NEXIS | PRO– and is very happy about it.

Productive working in a quadrilingual region

Previously, Tvision worked with several stand-alone editing suites without a central storage system. “Switzerland is a country with four languages, so we frequently have to produce content in different languages. With our old set-up, that was often a complicated and time-consuming process as we had to copy the content back and forth from discs in order to use it in different editing suites,” explains Andy Christen, video editor at Tvision...[continue reading]

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