Avid NEXIS | PRO: Working together is the best way to work together

avid nexis proThe challenge of sharing video is the one of the most difficult workflow issues to tackle in editing studios. This article from Red Shark News discusses how Avid NEXIS | PRO solves the video sharing issue and makes it possible for studio editors to truly be collaborative.
...Each editor’s workstation would be connected with a fast network link to central storage. Users would be allocated a suitable amount of storage by a manager or an administrator. This storage “seems” like it’s attached to your own PC, but it’s not: it’s part of the very secure shared storage. If you need your allocation to be private to you, it’s private. If you need others to have access, that’s all set up too. You can very simply share projects, clips and sequences - not just, say, between Avid users, but with Adobe Premier and other NLEs too. Effortlessly and safely - and in real-time. But it goes even deeper than that. ...[read full article on RedShark]

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