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With Avid Open I/O, third-party manufacturers can bring Media Composer, NewsCutter, and Avid Symphony video editing compatibility to their hardware I/O cards and devices—providing professionals with tightly integrated video editing workflows.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, AJA Video Systems, is an original Avid Open I/O partner. AJA got started with mini-converters to help video pros with the transition from analog to digital, then evolved to building I/O cards to get video into and out of your computer.

AJA has long partnered with Avid to provide solutions for professionals that need to connect with Avid workflows. AJA provided the first mobile Media Composer solution with its Io Express and now works with the latest versions of Avid NewsCutter, Symphony and Media Composer across the entire current line of KONA, Io Express, Io XT, and T-TAP devices. The technology is Open I/O, and allows AJA devices to work with Avid software through the use of AJA Version 10 drivers and Open I/O Plug-ins.

Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini can also happily be used in an Avid Workflow via the native Apple ProRes files that Ki Pro products record. Apple ProRes files can be brought into Avid Media Composer via the Avid Media Access (AMA) architecture. This interaction is made possible through AMA, provided free with every Media Composer and Symphony installation. AMA is a plug-in architecture that greatly accelerates tapeless video workflows, including RED, QuickTime and others.

Most recently, AJA’s focus has been their Acquire division—also known as the Ki Pro product line. For Media Composer editors, acquiring DNxHD natively on the Ki Pro, copying the media directly to their editing systems, and getting started immediatly (without transcoding) is yet another way AJA and Avid are working together to create fast, flexible editing workflows. read more...

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