Post by Randi Altman
Avid's Graham SharpTEWKSBURY, MA — There is an adage that equates succeeding in big business to paddling upstream. When you stop paddling, another company will pass you by. Some might argue that Avid might have lost its stroke over the last few years.
Even with the majority of today’s TV shows, commercials and films being edited on Avid systems, no one can deny that Apple and its Final Cut product are causing some concern. Not just with Avid executives, but with loyal Avid users as well.
Jonathan Moser, a long-time freelance editor, has been having trouble lately finding Avid jobs in the New York area. More and more, he sees listings for Final Cut operators and it’s affecting his ability to make the kind of living he needs to make. He is an Avid loyalist, so much so that he sent an open letter to Avid, through Post, urging the editing giant to stand up and fight Apple. read more...

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