With Avid ScriptSync and PhraseFind – Life is Beautiful

scriptsync and phrasefind are backTwo very popular tools are back in action with Avid Media Composer v.8.8 - ScriptSync and PhraseFind. Read about these revamped and reinstated tools from the enthusitic perspective of a pro Avid editor and find out how they can make your life easier. He gives ample reason to upgrade to v8.8. Anyone who currently owns Avid Media Composer v3.0 or higher, Avid Symphony v3.0 or higher or Avid NewsCutter v7.0 or higher, qualifies for a special limited time offer to upgrade and reinstate their software. Note: Avid Meridien and Xpress systems do not qualify. Check out the special offer here.

As many of you know I have been a big fan of ScriptSync since it was first developed almost 20 years ago. Originally designed for Hollywood scripts, editors of every genre soon adopted the technology; with the addition of PhraseFind, the game of editing changed forever. There is no question that anyone who has used these two features can cut their overall edit time down by weeks. Tell that to the producer who questions the budget when adding these features to your Media Composer.

Back in the day, with ScriptSync and PhraseFind – life was beautiful. That is until that fateful day when Version 8 of the Media Composer software did not contain these two powerful tools. Boy, was that a dark day. Fortunately there were a few workarounds but the fixes were never an elegant solution.

Well that’s not the case anymore – finally with version 8.8 of Media Composer the two most powerful features of any NLE have been licensed and incorporated back into the software; it’s game changer kids, a game changer.

TOP OF MY LIST: I can now edit the copy in my transcript. What, you say? Won’t that screw up the markers and pull your clip out of sync with the copy? Well, NO! The programmers at Avid were way ahead of you there. You go into “Edit Mode”, which has its own little icon, and BOOM! – a blue highlight to the left of the copy lets you know you are in “Edit Mode” and can correct or add copy as you wish, and the MARKERS MOVE DOWN THE COPY AS YOU TYPE!!!!...[continue reading]

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