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According to Videomaker, film and video editors of all types will be kicking off the New Year right with Avid. We’re pleased to share that the January 2012 issue features Avid Studio as one of the best home video products of 2011 and also includes an in-depth review of professional editing software, Avid Media Composer 5.5, calling it out as “a force to contend with in the editing world.” [Editor’s Note: Media Composer 6 now shipping]

So, What were the best video products of 2011? Videomaker made the call in their January issue, rating the top products and software of the year where Avid Studio was distinguished as “BEST Introductory Editing Software.” Videomaker suggests Avid Studio was an “easy choice” for the category, pointing to its ease of use and wealth of options. The article also highlights the unlimited timeline and ability to manage volumes of assets in the library, calling out how it allows users to prepare clips in various media editors with enhancements such as trimming, stabilizing, panning and zooming. Videomaker also notes Avid Studio’s ability to expand users creativity, in particular through the Scorefitter music generator, keyframe effects, animation and audio mixing. You can check out the full article here along with Videomaker’s full review of Avid Studio.

Videomaker also provides readers with a detailed review of Media Composer 5.5

PF and Script_Full

(Screenshot from Media Composer 5.5)

Writer Dan Burns concludes that Media Composer 5.5 is “a solid buy for any advanced editor.” A few review highlights include:

“One of the most powerful and unique features of Avid Media Composer is PhraseFind. PhraseFind is a dialog search tool powered by Nexidia technology. The tool will go through all of your footage and audio, indexing them to a language you've set. Once it's done, every clip you import into Media Composer can be searched phonetically. Results are tallied in a window, which includes accuracy scores.”

“With its proliferation in large production houses, advanced media management controls, valuable suite of products, and user-first approach, Avid's Media Composer is a force to contend with in the editing world. Though it may take a while before you feel comfortable using its advanced features, the time you can save using them makes this software a solid buy for any advanced editor.”

For these and other informative articles, be sure to check out the full January issue of Videomaker online now.

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