Avid Studio Toolkit Delivers New Avid FX and 3D Tools, Adds Blu-ray Support

Avid PowerPackLAS VEGAS --(Business Wire)-- April 23, 2006 Avid Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:AVID) today announced version 5.5 of Avid(R) Studio Toolkit, which delivers significant enhancements to a set of tightly integrated, industry-leading software applications, including Avid 3D, Avid FX, and Avid DVD by Sonic(TM). Ideal for any content creator using Avid Xpress(R) Pro software Avid Studio Toolkit delivers new creative toolsets and user interfaces for Avid FX and Avid 3D, as well as enhanced authoring options, including support for the revolutionary Blu-ray(TM) Disc format. With Avid Studio Toolkit, film and video professionals can create more compelling graphics, composites, titles, and effects; distribute completed projects to tape, DVD, or the Web; and ultimately expand the creative services they offer to their customers. "Avid Studio Toolkit empowers professionals to be even more creative by transforming the world's most popular editing tools -- Avid Xpress Pro and Media Composer -- into state-of-the-art production suites," said Patrick McLean, senior product marketing manager for Avid. "It's the most robust and affordable way for independent professionals to create stunning graphics, composites, titles, and effects for their DV, SD, HD, and film projects before distributing the final versions to HD tape, DVD, and the Web. Blu-ray is one of the hottest new delivery formats to hit the market, and by supporting it in our latest version of Avid Studio Toolkit, we're ensuring that our customers have access to the latest and greatest distribution technologies." New enhancements to Avid Studio Toolkit v 5.5 include: -- Updated UI, new paint engine, and more for Avid FX -- providing content creators with a complete titling, FX, and compositing solution. With Avid FX version 5.5, editors can benefit from: -- AVX(TM) 2 support for 16-bit color; -- streamlined UI for improved integration and ease-of-use; -- a new paint engine for touch up and rotoscoping; -- Raster-to-Vector conversion tool for easily bringing corporate logos and other graphics into a vector-animation environment, including 3D extrusion; -- new motion key feature, to remove unwanted objects from the frame; and -- new subtitling workflow for adding subtitles to their work. -- Updated UI, new title features and more for Avid 3D -- delivering more powerful "3D for the Video Guy," via an updated UI that allows any editor to import, animate, and light 3D models and create compelling text animations with greater ease. It includes directly accessible controls for animation keyframing, task-oriented workflow, and new title animation features and camera animation. This makes it easier to create text animations, import and light models, create unique 3D looks, and export back to the Avid editor. -- Integrated Blu-ray support in Avid DVD by Sonic(TM) -- allowing Avid Xpress Pro and Media Composer users to output HDV projects to Blu-ray discs. Avid DVD by Sonic offers new HD and 16:9 menu support as well as HDMV output, enabling customers to make the most of the next generation of DVDs. -- Expanded I/O with Avid Mojo(R) SDI -- providing digital and analog SDI I/O to expand interoperability with mastering quality SD cameras and decks (announced today in a separate release: Click here for more information on the Avid Products Available at Videoguys.com

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