Avid Studio Toolkit - Now with a NEW Low Price!

Avid Studio ToolkitAvid Studio Toolkit Now Supports Blu-ray Disc!!!

With Avid Studio Toolkit, independent editors, producers, and filmmakers can add professional effects and titles, create 3D animations, and author standard-definition DVDs or high-definition Blu-ray Discs right from their Avid editing system. No other suite combines this level of features, integration, and ease-of-use. And no other solution makes an end-to-end HD workflow this affordable.

Avid Studio Toolkit adds sophisticated compositing, 3D animation, and professional DVD authoring - as well as Blu-ray Disc output - to your creative arsenal. Three software applications, Avid FX, Avid 3D, and Avid DVD by Sonic, intergrate seamlessly with Avid Xpress Pro, Media Composer, and NewsCutter editing systems and give you best-of-class tools to take your ideas all the way from concept to delivery.

Upgrade your Avid Xpress Pro or Avid Media Composer software with Avid Studio Toolkit for only...$399.95

Avid DVD by Sonic
Break out with Blu-ray Disc authoring - Distribute your productions in beautiful HD quality on the latest generation Blu-ray Disc format. Capture from any HD source, edit, author in interactive HD and burn high-definition discs, all in your Avid editing suite. It's that easy. And only Avid Studio Toolkit has it today.
Avid FX
Add dazzling titles and effects - No more juggling applications. Avid Studio Toolkit integrates 1,500 title and effects templates, over 110 image filters, raster and vector paint tools, EPS import, multiple compositing modes, motion tracking, rotoscoping - and more - all inside the Avid editing timeline.
Avid 3D
Jump right in to 3D graphics - Busy video editors can skip the learning curve and start creating stunning 3D animations right away. Energize titles and graphics with easy-to-use 3D title tools and tons of 3D models that you can animate, light, and customize with lens flares, warps, deformations, and more.
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