Avid SuperBin Secrets Revealed

MoviolaMoviola by Benjamin Hershleder The SuperBin is such a misunderstood and often maligned little guy. It's invaluable when you've got only one monitor and a great organizer when you have two monitors. With two monitors, I usually have several bins open using the SuperBin as well as a few others open outside of the SuperBin. If you hate a cluttered sceen, then give the SuperBin feature a try.

Avid SuperBin Secrets Revealed

1 – The SuperBin is not a bin 2 – The SuperBin can be enabled or disabled 3 – Opening Closed Bins into the SuperBin 4 – How to reveal bins that reside in the Superbin 5 – Closing bins without closing the entire SuperBin, and thus closing all the bins within it 6 – Getting a bin out of the SuperBin 7 – Putting an already open bin into the SuperBin 8 – How to delete a bin when the SuperBin feature is enabled http://edu.moviola.com/avid_superbin_tutorial

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